BlackSlate International Marketing Company (BIMC)


Red Ground

Leveraging our Marketing, Sales And Distribution Management expertise we seek to represent a very select group of SME Manufactures and Producers offering a diversified range of locally produced and grown quality products.

Our Primary Markets include South and Central America, the Caribbean, North America and Canada.

Our Clients and Partners are essentially seeking to grow their markets both locally and on the export level, but lack the marketing, sales and distribution leverage to do so profitably and at competitive prices.

Our Objective is simply to offer high value brands and products at very competitive prices, allowing for expand markets, growth in revenues and increased profitability.

Our strategy is to leverage size and scale while adding real brand values, thereby allowing our Partners and Clients to focus on manufacturing and production.

Outsourcing as a key business strategy allows our Clients and Partners to benefit from BID trade relationships in such areas as procurement, warehousing and distribution across local, regional and international wholesale and retail channels.

Our Brands. Leveraging our Marketing, Sales and Distribution expertise, BID operates through the contracted and or licensed brands of our Clients and Partners. We also develop and market our own brands working through selected contract manufacturers.

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For further information please email or call:
Aldo (Al) Antonio
Executive Chairman
Blackslate Holdings Group

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