The Red Ground Brand

Red Ground

THE RED GROUND BRAND “The Very Best From The “Bread Basket” Of Jamaica”


The Red Ground Farmers Story


 “At the crack of dawn thousands of hard working Jamaican farmers rise to the sound of the cock crowing in the cool early morning air, just as the warmth of the Caribbean sun ushers in a new day. Each God given day, these Mother Earth tillers perform a morning ritual out of their abundant of love and respect for the foods they grow.

This ritual is grounded in a long held tradition, the knowledge that getting to their fields early in the morning allows them to produce the very best carrots, sweet peppers, melons and tomatoes; nutritional blessings for tables around the world.

Following breakfast, which is comprised of a steaming mug of blue mountain coffee and some just fried Johnny Cakes, they set out to tend to their farms, scattered about in the “bread basket” of Jamaica, fields of red ground that cover thousands of acres. Depending on what there is to do, most of these farmers, face sun-burned, a reflection of all the hard years spent working on their farms, toiling intently in the soil, they leave by 10 o’clock in the morn, just in order to escape the wrath of the mid day sun, returning during the cool shades of the afternoon so that the day’s necessary farming activities can be completed.

The rich red ground in which they plant and grow these foods is at the heart and soul of what they produce. Blessed with an abundance of natural minerals and nutrients, this red ground is perfect for farming because of the fecundity of its deep red, rich soil, nurturing the earthly bounties produced by these farmers, allowing an abundance of fruits and vegetables to flourish from its essence.

It is from these fertile red grounds that we source a range of products, picked and reaped at just the right moment, good enough to be packaged and presented for your convenience under the Red Ground brand name.


Red Ground Brand’s commitment to you:

 “Only The Very Best From The “Bread Basket” Of Jamaica”

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