Businessuite Media Group – BMG


BUSINESSUITE Media Group (BMG) is the primary holding company for a diverse group of media and internet brands operating in the Caribbean.


BUSINESSUITE Media is Focused on Caribbean SME’s

Businessuite is focused on serving SME decision makers, including Investors, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Consultants, CEO’s and Other Senior Executives around the Caribbean.

A significant number of Caribbean SME companies rely heavily and generate significant revenues and investments from Business to Business transactions. Caribbean companies offer millions of dollars in Business to Business contracts each year. Surprisingly not many SME decision makers and entrepreneurs know about this or how to access these business opportunities.


BUSINESSUITE Media is Focused on exposing these opportunities.

Why Caribbean SME’s are at the cornerstone of Businessuite Media business model and strategy?

 Numerous studies have confirmed SME’s importance to economic growth and employment, given their tendency to grow at a faster rate than large companies.

 SMEs play a key role in transitioning and developing countries. They generate significant domestic and export earnings, help in the development of local communities because of their close links with the economy, are generally innovative in nature, and constitute a major source of employment.

 SME’s are an important avenue to expand exporting capacity and to help ensure the supply of foreign exchange, create jobs and economic activity, bringing down fiscal deficit and debt to GDP (gross domestic product) ratio and eliminating the need to impose additional taxes.

The Walkbout, AMK, Blackslate, Businessuite and Brainstorm brands are owned and operated by Blackslate Holdings Group Limited. 

BLACKSLATE logo (2)Blackslate Holdings Group Limited is  a private equity firm that primarily makes investments in the private equity of operating Caribbean companies through a variety of investment strategies including leveraged buyout, venture capital and growth capital.

For more information on what we do please click on the links to your left.


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