BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS)


“Brick-and-mortar businesses continue to struggle with their digital counterparts for customer attention. How can they offer in-store experiences that live up to shoppers’ modern standards? While online stores are able to leverage all kinds of innovative technology, physical shops are often left wanting. They need IoT solutions that are easy to implement, manageable, and somehow different and modern. On top of that, they should be affordable.”

BLACKTONE  offers customized Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS), executed by creating engaging proximity marketing campaigns using “BlackTones” strategically located inside your location, public spaces and carefully selected locations outside and nearby high traffic points. Visitors inside and within a defined radius outside the location will receive a push message from a “BlackTone” designed as either coupons, cards, images, forms, videos, etc. on their smartphones.

BlackTone  QR code Marketing
BlackTone also uses QR Code Marketing as a proximity marketing channel leveraging quick response (QR) codes to bridge the gap between offline and online channels. Our unique BlackTone QR codes are placed in strategic locations for consumers to scan using their smartphone and access information about the product, brand or offers.

BLACKTONE, is also a full service Creative and Strategic Brand Consultancy firm, with a special focus on providing both Brick-and-mortar and service professionals and companies with next-generation solutions for location-based marketing and sales improvements.

BLACKTONE is partnering with leading and emerging brands and companies around the Caribbean, who are seeking to enhance the in-store customer experience, utilizing proprietary SaaS solutions (Footprints for Retail) and driving IoT investments to increase sales through shopper path to purchase data.

“Did you know that businesses like banks, retail stores, real estate, bars & restaurants, car dealerships, etc., are using BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) to reach consumers through notifications on their smartphones? Thanks to BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) you can now send proximity notifications to any Android smartphone – without needing to install an app!”

BLACKTONE also uses cutting edge technology to Power Point of Interest Discovery as well as Indoor Positioning and Push Notifications, allowing shoppers to maneuver spaces better and have an all-around better, more connected in-store experience.

“BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) and technology delivers campaigns and enables personal communication when customers are in close proximity to your store.”

We would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this further with you in the coming week. Just reply with a date and time for an initial telephone conversation at or 1-876-542-3719

Looking forward to hearing from you today.

brainstormBrainstorm Concept Developers offers an alternative approach and style that relies heavily on unconventional strategies, involving high energy and imagination. It takes your current and potential customers by surprise making an indelible impression and creating tons of social buzz.

We’ve found that this creates a far more valuable impression with customers in comparison to more traditional forms of advertising and marketing. This is due simply to the fact that our marketing campaigns aim to strike the customer at a more personal and memorable level.

Check us out and make the call today or send us an email. Either way we would love to hear from you.

Offices: Mandeville and Kingston Jamaica /1-876-542-3719 (O) :  1-876-630-2216 /

The BlackSlate, BlackTone and Brainstorm brands are owned and operated through the holding and investment division for Walkbout International LLC.


BLACKSLATE logo (2) is  a private equity firm that primarily makes investments in the private equity of operating Caribbean companies through a variety of investment strategies including leveraged buyout, venture capital and growth capital.


For more information on Blackslate


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