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WalkboutA term indigenous to Jamaicans that describes the wanderlust of bold, inquisitive adventurers.

Growing up in Jamaica we often heard our parents scold persons, especially children, who habitually or too frequently left home to visit neighbors or unusual places. These persons were referred to as Walkbouts, suggesting they were nosey, restless and wandering. Working off that idea, Walkbout International Magazine/Blog / http://www.walkbout.com take visitors seeking that unforgettable, authentic cultural experience, off the beaten path to quirky places, people and activities beyond commercially popular venues.

Jamaicans are known for traveling extensively and it is said, you can find a Jamaican in the most remote parts of the world. It is no wonder then that although masterminded by Jamaican, Aldo Antonio, Walkbout International Magazine and walkbout.com were conceptualized with the ultimate goal to create a tribal community of Jamaican and foreign adventurers or “Walkbouts.” The long term vision is a massive tribe that shares a common yearning for exploration of the inner workings of global locations.

We are also known for our hospitality, our beaches, friendly people and scrumptious cuisine. However, there are many other less advertised attractions and deeper reasons to make Jamaica or any destination a must on everyone’s bucket list and a place to continually rediscover. So, Walkbout International is as the name suggests, not only for Jamaicans or for visitors to Jamaica.

Walkbout International serves travelers across the globe. We aim to provide insight into opportunities for exploits in all seven continents. For example, one might read Walkbout International Magazine then, visit walkbout.com to research a trip to Czechoslovakia, Europe to learn of a hot spot in that country where they can spend a day with a Walkbout Chech family or find a local Walkbout tutor willing to teach Czech. Such are the unusual experiences that Walkbouts everywhere look for or are eager to provide.

Available online and digital formats in conjunction with walkbout.com, Walkbout Magazine connects visitors with locals for deeper insight into the daily functions of the destination of choice. Places of interest, lifestyle, education, economics, cuisine, art and more are all described with the intent to encourage outsiders to venture closer to the heart of a given culture.

As technology allows us to become more closely connected, Walkbout International Magazine and walkbout.com, an interactive website, provides listings, updates on travel trends, reviews and recommendations on locations, activities, interests and perhaps links to other travelers who are headed in your direction. Solo travelers might meet up with other solo travelers via walkbout.com and go exploring together. Local Walkbouts who are open to receiving guests and act as tour guides can sign up, detailing their services. Likewise, Walkbouts from outside an area might be able to find local hospitality if even for a typical evening meal or shopping trip with locals.

Over time Walkbout will be expanded to other destinations around the world making Walkbout a truly international destination brand driven by travelers.

Walkbout International branded sites will cover hotels and attractions and operate in the U.S. the U.K. France, Germany, Japan, India, Italy, Spain and many others.

WALKBOUT.COM, WALKBOUT Magazine Digital, WALKBOUT Magazine, WALKBOUT BLOG, WALKBOUT Fashions, WALKBOUT Foods and WALKBOUT Tours and  WALKBOUT Homestays are owned and operated by Walkbout International a division of the Blackslate Holdings Group Limited.