BLACKSLATE logo (2)Blackslate Holdings Caribbean (BHC) is putting out a national call for fresh ideas from tech startups dubbed “THE CLICK PROJECT”, as the venture capital company seeks to boost its investment options and horizons.

Starting January 1st 2013 BlackSlate will begin structuring a wide network of incubators, venture capitalists and angel investors across the Caribbean as it searches for new technologies to help companies and brands bust through in the emerging mobile online and social media channels.

The ongoing process begins with an open call for “funding-ready” projects and startups. Blackslate plans to launch the selected startups within a six to eight months window. During this period brands and companies within the private and public sector will also be paired with other selected startups to create new mobile and social media ventures from scratch within 90-120 days.

Blackslate will then pitch the business concepts to angel investors and venture capitalists in hopes of securing seed funding for the start-ups. Blackslate for its part will also take an equity stake in each start-up.

The CLICK PROJECT is designed to help find and create new mobile and social media projects that will help clients start a compelling conversation between their brands and customers, engaging that customer on their terms, where they hang out encouraging them to share.

On the international stage consumers are spending an increasing amount of time on mobile devices, which account for 23% of daily media consumption.  Still, marketers have yet to dedicate a major percentage of their ad spending to the channel. Advertisers in the US will be spending this year about 1.5% of their media budgets on mobile with that forecast to jump to 2.4% next year and 5.5% by 2016, according to the Ad Age Mobile Fact Pack.

For instance, marketers are looking for help in so-called “social TV,” meaning mobile applications that would work closely with a marketer’s TV advertising, as viewers hop between the big and small screen. Other areas of focus and interest are mobile applications for in-store marketing, as well as technologies that can help companies lure on-the-go consumers to stores where its brands are sold.

Companies and brands now have to begin by considering all influences that encourage the consumer to buy, as rarely does a consumer make one-stop that results in a sale. They then have to measure whether that conversation made the brand; the Owner and the customer achieve a predefined satisfaction level. If it didn’t, then they must seek to do it better the next time. BM


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