Professional Consulting Services

We accepts assignments providing the following services:

conversationsAs an outsourced service we assume and take full responsiblity for your organization’s day-to-day marketing operation.

Including but not limited to co-coordinating the production of public relations, media, creative, promotions and advertising ensuring your company’s message is distributed across all channels and to targeted audiences in order to meet revenue and profit objectives.

We also take responsibility for strategic planning and development, branding, market research strategies for all your primary and related brands:

including plan, direct and coordinate marketing budgets in accordance with your company’s goals including but not limited to reviewing and approving advertising campaigns, marketing reports, vendor contracts and expenditures.

Working with your assigned advertising agencies, media houses and other third party organizations for the execution of the approved marketing programmes and strategies for the Brand (s).



For more information on our Professional Consulting Services contact or call 1-876-542-3719

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